The NWCS President

Maureen Kaye

Our honorary treasurer, Maureen, reflects on how she and her husband became involved with the NWMCS. She recalls that in 2008, while browsing through a magazine called Out & About, she came across a meeting of the NWMCS at Southport Cricket Club, which included an excursion to see the Blackpool lights and a trip to the ice show.

“This was our first meeting with the NWMCS, and we met such lovely friends. We were encouraged to attend other meets, and as a result, we made some incredibly special friends who remain close to this day. Eddie and I continued to travel both in the UK and Europe, always finding time for some of the NWMCS meets. At one of these meets, the current committee found themselves without a treasurer, so my husband Eddie volunteered for the position, and I joined the committee, taking on various roles over the years, including sites officer and vice chairman.

We spent over ten years stewarding meets and THS, where we met wonderful people from all over the country. We managed the Christmas dinners at Kirkland & Catterall, coordinating with the Women’s Institute chairman, Josie. We continued our involvement until Eddie had to retire due to illness. The club raised significant funds over the years, particularly from the Abergele and Cartmel meets. After Eddie’s retirement, I continued to help in various capacities until I needed to care for Eddie. Despite these changes, I still attended rallies and helped out whenever I could.

Now, I continue to enjoy the meets, and I want to thank the NWMCS for their support, especially now in our retirement.”

Maureen Kaye

The committee and members of the NWMCS would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to you and your husband for your exceptional service over the past sixteen years. Your dedication and contributions have greatly enriched our club. Thank you both for everything you have done for the NWMCS.

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